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Vauban aux trois crayons

Since 1983, the association "Les Amis de la Maison Vauban" (The Friends of Vauban House) has published books written  by Vauban or about Vauban which are listed below. 

All books are in French and carriage-paid.

There are special rates for members of the association, book-sellers and libraries.



Vauban, sa vie, son œuvre (Vauban, his life and work)

Author : anonymous

Published in 1984- 105 pages

A fully illustrated review of his life and work, teeming with details, along with a description of the main places that Vauban fortified.


Description géographique de l’élection de Vézelay (Geographical description of the Vézelay district)

Author : Vauban

Introduction by Jean-François Pernot (professor at the collège de France)

Published in 1986- 21 pages

Vauban describes the harsh living conditions of the people in the vicinity of his Bazoches castle and proposes 14 measures to improve their lot.


Ecrits divers sur la religion (Various writings about religion)

Author :Vauban

Introduction by Jean-Robert Armogathe, Elisabeth Larousse and Jean-François Pernot.

Published in 1992- 87 pages

These compiled writings are studied from the point of view of a catholic, of a protestant and also from an historical viewpoint.


Ecrits divers sur l’économie ( Various writings about economy)

Author : Vauban

Introduction by Jean-François Pernot (teaching at the collège de France)

Published in 1996- 245 pages

These compiled extracts are taken from the Oisivetés and Vauban’s correspondance, and deal with the colonies of America, forestry, inland navigation and the tax system.


Maestricht et ses héros : D’Artagnan et Vauban (Maestricht and its heroes : D’Artagnan and Vauban)

Author : Camille Lebossé

Published in 1993- 30 pages

These two characters share an episode of their lives.Where did they meet ? What battles did they fight together ? Why were they enemies during the siege of the town of Lille? The last episode takes place in Maestricht where D’Artagnan dies and where Vauban triumphs.


Vauban et le Morvan ( Vauban and the Morvan)

Author : Daniel Auger

Illustrations : Denis Auger

Published in 1993- 68 pages

You will discover Vauban’s origins : the house of his early years, his childhood, his castle and property, his writings  and reflections about the Morvan he loved so much.

VAUBAN et le Morvan - Auteur : Daniel AUGER - Illustrations : Denis AUGER


Vauban et la côte atlantique (Vauban and the atlantic coast)

Author : Nathalie Moreau

Illustrations : Fernand Catineau

Published in 1993- 100 pages

A description of the different fortified places Vauban modified between the Loire and the Gironde rivers, and how to defend commercial harbours, straits and estuaries.


Vauban, artisan du bien public ( A contributor to public welfare)

Author : Georges Hachon (dead)

Lecture made in Perpignan in December 1983.

Published in 1997- 61 pages

The first part deals with the work of the military engineer, in the second part, the author deals with the less known thoughts and writings of Vauban, concerning taxes, the kingdom’s finances, architecture, religion and religious freedom.


Projet d’une dîme royale (Project for a royal tithe)

Author : Vauban

Introduction by Jean-François Pernot

Published in 1988- 169 pages

According to Jean-François Pernot, Vauban laid down on paper his observations and the solutions he recommended in order to uphold the power of the kingdom of France., all provided with detailed data. A great lesson in the sense of acting in the public interest.


Vauban et le Roussillon (Vauban and the Roussillon)

Author : Georges Hachon

Illustrations : M. Gradelet

Published in 1991- 93 pages

Also author of Vauban artisan du bien public, Georges Hachon  was deeply in love with his region. In this book, he reveals to us that Vauban fortified only one place there : Mont-Louis (after the name of the King).Vauban also met with great predecessors who were the spanish engineers.


Vauban et les Alpes (Vauban and the Alps)

Author : Robert Bornecque

Illustrations : Drawings and photos by Robert Bornecque

Published in 1995 – 107 pages

Firstly, the author depicts the situation at the  border in the Alps before the coming of Vauban. Then, the author reviews the many travels of Vauban in the region, when dealing with the places in the Dauphiné region , in the Alpes de Haute Provence or the Piémont (then belonging to France) region. The books also provides  annexes such as a list of the scale-models of the towns of the Alps area or the description of the town and castle of Briançon and of Colmar-les-Alpes.


Vauban en Flandre et Artois (Vauban in Flanders and Artois)

Author : Alain Salamagne

Illustrations : by the author

Published in 1995- 100 pages

During the second half of the 17th century, Many of the battles between the kingdoms of France and Spain took place in the Netherlands. In Flanders and in Artois, the spaniards had  maintained and improved a whole network of fortificated places through the use of water and floodings. To the eyes of Louis XIV, Louvois and Vauban, fortification does not only serve war strategy, but it  is also a symbol of the royal power, the best example being the Lille citadel .


Vauban et la Franche-Comté (Vauban and the Franche-Comté)

Author : Maurice Gresset

Illustrations : Denis Auger

Published in 1996 -97 pages

In 1668, through the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle, Franche-Comté is ceded back to Spain , which, as a counterpart, cedes the places of the North of France. Franche-Comté becomes French again after the battle of 1674, confirmed by the Nimègue Treaty in 1678. Vauban then fortifies many places such as Besançon, Auxonne, Blamont or Salins in order to keep this area safe from any invasion.


Bibliography (3 volumes)

Author : Daniel Auger

Published in 1994

First volume : title classificaton

Second volume : author classification

Third volume : theme classification


Eloges de Vauban (In Praise of Vauban)

Authors : Fontenelle, Carnot, Barillon

Published in 1986 –61 pages

Three praises of Vauban amongst many others.One is delivered by a writer, Fonteneel, another by a military man, Carnot, and the last one by a clergyman, Barillon.


Discours prononcé à Saint Léger Vauban à l’occasion du 350e anniversaire de la naissance de Vauban (Speeches delivered for the 350th anniversary of Vauban’s birth in Saint Léger Vauban

Published in 1983 – 27 pages


Essai pour établir un parallèle entre les écrits de Vauban et les cahiers de doléances de 1789 (An essay to establish a parallel between Vauban’s writings and the 1789 registers of grievances)

Author : Aimée-Charlotte Decorps

Published in 1989 – 29 pages

Inauguration de la rue Général Nicolas à Saint Léger Vauban (Inauguration of General Nicolas street in Saint Léger Vauban)

 Published in 1989 – 31 pages


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